Manual Setup

Manual Setup

Install pre-requisites,

Installing pre-requisites on OSX

Install bench as a non root user,

    git clone bench-repo
    sudo pip install -e bench-repo

Note: Please do not remove the bench directory the above commands will create

Migrating from existing installation

If want to migrate from ERPNext version 3, follow the instructions here

If want to migrate from the old bench, follow the instructions here

Basic Usage

  • Create a new bench

    The init command will create a bench directory with frappe framework installed. It will be setup for periodic backups and auto updates once a day.

    bench init frappe-bench && cd frappe-bench
  • Add apps

    The get-app command gets and installs frappe apps. Examples:

    bench get-app erpnext

  • Add site

    Frappe apps are run by frappe sites and you will have to create at least one site. The new-site command allows you to do that.

    bench new-site site1.local
  • Start bench

    To start using the bench, use the bench start command

    bench start

    To login to Frappe / ERPNext, open your browser and go to localhost:8000

    The default user name is "Administrator" and password is what you set when you created the new site.

Setting Up ERPNext

To install ERPNext, simply run:

bench install-app erpnext

You can now either use bench start or setup the bench for production use