Making Portals

Frappe has powerful tools to build portals where pages can be dynamically generated using templates (Jinja) and users can be shown records after login

Adding Pages

You can make your website by adding pages to the /www folder of your website. The urls of your site will match the path of your pages within the /www folder.

Pages must be .html or .md (Markdown) files. Basic HTML template is provided in frappe in frappe/templates/base_template.html

Views after Login

After logging in, the user sees a "My Account" page /me where user can access certain documents that are shown via a menu

The user can view records based on permissions and also add / edit them with Web Forms

  1. Adding Pages
  2. Context
  3. Generators
  4. Contents
  5. Web Forms
  6. Ordering
  7. Portal Roles
  8. Redirects
  9. Portal Development