Zatca-2 E-Invoice - ERPNext App ( Multiple tax rates

We've received inquiries about handling multiple tax rates on the same invoice. While we haven't encountered many cases for this (except in the Healthcare module), we're open to adding this feature ba

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Zatca-2 E-Invoice - ERPNext App

Here's a summary of the current tax scenarios:

1-All items are taxed at 15% (category S).

2-There is currently no 5% tax rate, unless the invoice is for a contract initiated before 2020. For all new transactions, the tax rate is 15%.

3-Zero-rated tax applies only to medical services for citizens and to 99% purity gold for investment, among others (category Z).

4-Exempted products include real estate and financial services (category E). 5-Services out of scope do not need to be submitted to Zatca (category O).

Given these categories, there is currently no provision for an invoice with multiple tax rates.

For test, we've sent invoices to Zatca with multiple tax rates and received a warning in response.

Please send your suggestions, feed back, and use cases.

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