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Full-time/Part-time\n\nWe are looking for Chartered Accountants with Gulf experience to work as a consultant for the ERPGulf team and its clients. ERPGulf follows strict compliance and guidelines from the authorities and the governments in each country. The CAs, working as consultants must be up to date with changes in rules, regulations,s, and tax/GST procedures.\n\nEducation: CA, CPA

Full-time \n\nWe are looking for trainers with good communication and teaching skills to train our customers. Our clients spread across Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, and UAE, understanding of accounting practice in these counties are important. Experienced accountants in this region are preferable.\nMust be familiar with modern teaching techniques and tools.\n\nEducation: BCom, MCom

ERPGulf built on Python as a programming language and MySQL ( MariaDB ) on the backend, and java script and HTML on the front-end. Our programmers and highly skilled in all of the above. As a growing and expanding organization in the region, we are always looking for more programmers and analysts in our team\n\nEducation: Graduate in Science/Technology

We are expanding our social media team with more Graphic designers, video editors, and professionals with related skills. If you are skilled and experienced in any of these fields, please contact us. \n\nEducation: Graduate.

ERPGulf is a company investing in customer support and satisfaction. We support our clients 24/7 365 days. Our support team works round the clock and attending calls, emails, and chats, and replies all the time. The customer support coordinator is the backbone of coordinating between customer support executives, programmers, and consultants. If you have worked as a customer support manager/coordinator, please contact us.\n\nEducation: Graduate

ERPGulf works with the best cloud service providers in the region, which includes Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We look for engineers to manage cloud installations, backup, performance tuning, etc. Experience in Linux ( Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat ) is required. \n\nEducation: Graduate in Technology

Key Skills: - Proficiency in using any ERP software. - Excellent organizational and time management skills. - Strong teamwork and communication abilities - Ability to solve complex problems effective - MBA, BCom, MCom, CAs can apply

Send your CV to jobs@ERPGulf.com

This position requires an excellent understanding of the Accounting, Payroll, HRMS, and Taxation domains, and the candidate must be willing to learn the new developments in those domains.

The job of an ERP Developer includes customizing ERPNext, onboarding, implementation, report creation, data import/ export, etc. Meeting the clients, understanding their requirements, and making customizations accordingly is the major part of the job.

As we are working for companies in the Gulf, continuously learning taxation and legal requirements in that region is a major part of this job profile.