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We are inviting you to become a partner with ERPGulf

ERPGulf is a complete Frappe and ERPNext hosting and service provider, which hosts in Jeddah, Dubai, and Doha, partnered with leading cloud services providers like Oracle and Azure. We offer the most competitive price for the fastest servers in the region. Also, we provide customization and support that fits each country and enable related services like tax, payment, and communication services.

We provide legally compliant hosting, which mandates the hosting of financial data inside the boundary of each country. For that, we have partnered with Oracle ( OCI ) to host in Jeddah for Saudi Arabian companies, and to host in Dubai for UAE customers. For Qatar, we have partnerships with Microsoft to host at Doha data centers. This enables us to provide the most stable and fast cloud servers available in the region.

Also, we handle the support and customization for all our clients. As a specialized solution provider working in Saudi Arabia for a long time, we have tremendous experience in the needs and requirements of the companies in the region. We have developed scripts and apps, and trained several clients, with these experiences we will be able to serve the clients to achieve the utmost satisfaction.

As a partner, you will be able close the project, and offer on-site support and consultations for your clients, same time, you can offer our award-winning service to them.

As a partner, you will be able to close the project, and offer on-site support and consultations for your clients, same time, you can offer our award-winning service for them. Detailed FAQ is shown below. We believe that our partnership will be beneficial for both of our companies and our clients

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Partner FAQ

Frequently asked questions from partners.

ERPGulf will take care of hosting, customization ( with client and server scripts ), generating specialized forms and reports, basic training and onboarding, remote support, etc. Partner will close the deal, offer on-site support, offer specialized app development, provide on-site training, etc. ERPGulf will provide support to the partner for all these tasks.

Partners can quote for consultation and services charges, sign yearly contracts, sell related hardware and sign AM and develop specialized apps. Partners will also get special discounts for hosting and support packages from ERPGulf

A yearly subscription means recurring revenue and increased stability. Recurring revenue increases business value - attractive to investors. Partners can provide additional apps and services, that can also be renewed every year.

ERPGulf has been consistent with Saudi Arabian customers for a long time, for Tax rules and other regulations, HR and Payroll, integration with local communication channels and payment gateways, etc. Such wide experience will enable partners to satisfy their clients and achieve more recurring businesses.

For Saudi Arabian clients - we host in Oracle Cloud Server ( OCI ) in Jeddah

For UAE clients - we host in Oracle Cloud Server ( OCI ) in UAE

For Qatar clients - we host in Microsoft Azure in Doha

We host ERP and CRM in cloud servers of the customer's choice. We have hosted in all major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. We always ask customers about their cloud choice and we prefer regional data centers. Whenever new data centers come up in the region, we move to the nearest data center. For example, we are moving all Qatar clients to Azure data center in Doha.

We are one of the largest Linux consultant groups in the Gulf region with 15 years of experience and hosted hundreds of servers across all cloud platforms.

Send a mail to, we will call and discuss.

With standard implementation, we provide client and server script-level customization for free. Also, we provide form and report designs. We also provide standard packages we have developed for the region. But developing apps for special requirements will be charged separately.

Definitely. Send us an email. We will create an instance for you to use, and/or for the training. Also, we have a live demo instance for anyone to use for testing and training.

Partners will receive the leads from their area of operation.

Technically YES, but difficult in practice as partner's roles are mostly on-site.

The partner must have a local presence in their respective client's area. Also, the partner is required to have reasonable technical and sales resources in the area.

Send an email to , we will contact you.