Adding antoher site on Ubuntu 20+ 21+ ERPNext 13+ ( Multi-tenant )

Continuation of our last blogs about installing ERPNext on Ubuntu ( Ubuntu 20 or 21 and above. Tested on 20.10 and 21.04 )

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This blog is a continuation of the following

Here we are adding another ERPNext site on the same installation.

First create second site on ERPNext folder

bench new-site

bench --site site1.local install-app erpnext

Then configure nginx

cd /etc/nginx/conf.d

cp frappe-bench.conf


comment the following lines

#upstream frappe-bench-frappe {

#   server fail_timeout=0;


#upstream frappe-bench-socketio-server {

#   server fail_timeout=0;


Change listening TCP port if required 

listen 4423 ssl;

and change the first site name to the second where ever in that configuration file.

Create letsencrypt SSL cerficate for the second site

sudo certbot certonly -a nginx -d

Restart supervisor and nginx

service supervisor restart

service nginx restart

This should work. For any clarification send email to

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