Saudi companies can only host accounting data in Saudi based cloud.

E-Invoicing regulation- It is mandatory for Saudi companies to host accounting data inside Saudi Arabia, ZATCA clarifies in the technical workshop. ERPGulf offering cloud installations in KSA.

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E-Invoicing regulation- Saudi companies can only host accounting data in cloud service inside Saudi Arabia. ZATCA clarifies in the Fatoorah technical workshop.

In this video from 16:20 onwards, ZATCA representative clarifying about hosting location.

Question: What do you mean by storing** the invoice, is it in a local point-of-sale or is it in a cloud ?

Answer: So, basically, it has to be stored as per the NCA requirement in Saudi Arabia, which means it has to be with-in KSA regardless whether it is in cloud or in the point-of-sale itself. It can be stored anywhere as long as it resides with-in Saudi Arabia.

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**( it is mandatory for E-Invoicing to store invoice in XML format )

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