Together, stronger.

Team ERPGulf thank and congratulate rules of GCC countries ( Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Oman ) on the historical AlUla summit resolutions.

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People of Gulf countries are celebrating and rejoicing the fact that, three year dispute between Gulf counties has been resolved, and, the relationship and unity will be stronger than ever. The rules of the Gulf counties have shown great leadership and statesmanship in resolving the issues.

Gulf is a prosperous region not just because of oil and other natural resources. It is rich with thousands of years of civilization and culture, great religions are born here. It's rich with poets, scientists, travelers, writers, philosophers, traders, entrepreneurs, and above all, a great people with remarkable quality of togetherness.

For the business and job creation, everyone across the borders expect remarkable growth from now on. More travel, trade and shipment means more jobs and more prosperity.

As a company, providing ERP solution for all the Gulf counties, ERPGulf expect remarkable growth in the coming years. Free travel of consultants across the border, unified laws and free trade, will boost the business prospect of not just us, but for everyone.

One again, we thank and congratulate GCC leader in this historic moment.

May God help us all.

Team ERPGulf

Team ERPGulf

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