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Frequently asked questions about ERPGulf in particular and ERPNext in general

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Q- Where do ERPGulf host the ERP and CRM ?

For Saudi Arabian clients - we host in Oracle Cloud Server ( OCI ) in Jeddah

For UAE clients - we host in Oracle Cloud Server ( OCI ) in UAE

For Qatar clients - we host in Microsoft Azure in Doha

We host ERP and CRM in cloud servers of customer's choice. We have hosted in all major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. We always ask customers about their cloud choice and we prefer regional data centers. Whenever new data centers come up in the region, we move to the nearest data center. For example, we are moving all Qatar clients to Azure data center in Doha.

We are one of the largest Linux consultants in the Gulf region with 15 years of experience, and hosted hundreds of servers across all cloud platforms.

Q-Do you support VPN connections to ERP system. We don't trust open access from internet to our systems?

Yes. Many of our clients use VPN connection to the cloud servers. You can have site-to-site and remote-vpn options. For site-to-site connection we use Sonicwall or Fortinet devices which can be installed on your device. Site-to-site VPN will allow seamless connection for your staff without any additional clients software on their computer. Remote access VPN can be used when they are working from home or while travelling.

Q- Do you support two-factor authentication? I don't think simple passwords is enough.

Yes. We support all types of two-factor authentications.

Q- What other security measures you provide for our data security and privacy?

We have country wise access/restriction option, private SSL encryption certification etc.

Q- Do you support on-premise installations of ERPNext ?

It depends on client's requirement. Please talk to our consultants or send mail to

Q- What is ERPGulf?

ERPGulf is the hosting and implementation specialist for  ERPNext, which is the most popular open-source ERP system in the world.

Q- What is an open-source ERP system? why should one choose that?

Open-source means, the code written to build the software is available to you. You can own it, and change it as per your requirement. You don't need to pay for the software. You need to pay only for hosting, customization ( if required ), and support. 

ERPGulf provides hosting, customization, and support for ERPNext, for the companies in the Gulf, specifically, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, and Kuwait.

Q-Do we get the source code for ERPGulf, after customization?

Yes. 100% of the source will be provided to you. 

Q-Can we move the system from ERPGulf to another ERPNext vendor whenever we need it?

Absolutely. Anytime.

Q-What modules are available on ERPNext? Are all the modules free?

ERPNext is a complete ERP system. All the modules are open-source and free. Included modules are Accounts, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, HR, Payroll, CRM, POS, Manufacturing, Projects, Helpdesk, and Assets. It all comes together at the time of installation. 

Q-What customization ERPGulf does?

The Gulf region is different. We work with auditing firms in the Gulf countries and customize ERP according to their advice. We make sure that ERP is compliant with labor laws, import/export regulations, WPS, banking regulations, immigration regulations, etc for each Gulf country. 

Q- If ERP is open-source and free, what is the subscription charge for?

We provide hosting on the best cloud servers in the region, also we provide customization, training, and support. We charge for these services, not for the software. Because of this, you will find the total cost of ownership is much less than traditional ERP systems.

Q-How about training?

We provide training at the time of installation. Also, our staff is available online all the time to answer any queries. We regularly conduct training sessions across the Gulf cities and conduct free online classes all the time. We release training videos for the public on our youtube channel ERPGulf (

Q- How about the availability of trained staff /freelancers ( accountants and auditors ) for ERPGulf? It is a major worry for the companies in the Gulf because of finding new staff familiar with ERP systems.

We are providing training for hundreds of accountants in ERPGulf, so a vast pool of trained talent will be available for recruiters. We also provide certifications for accountants and auditors, to make it easy for companies to recruit.

Q- Can I move ERPGulf to our own cloud or on-premise server?


Q- Do you offer a free trial?

Definitely. Up to a one-year free trial we offer. Contact

Q- Do we need to provide credit card info for a free trial.


Q-What is shared hosting and dedicated hosting for ERPGulf.

Shared hosting means multiple clients share the same cloud server. On Dedicated hosting, each client can have their own cloud server.

On both options, each client can have their own domain name, administration of erpnext etc.

On shared hosting, client will not get cloud administration password. Also, their will be restriction on customization.

On dedicated hosting, there is no such restrictions. Also, on dedicated hosting plan, client can choose their hosting location and provider, and move from one location or provider whenever the want.

Client can move anytime from shared hosting plan to dedicated hosting plan.

Q-How long will it take to start ERPGulf for my company?

You can start the same day. We will set up your cloud and start basic training for your staff the same day we receive your request. 

If your accountant/staff attended our training sessions, implementation will be smooth and easy. For free training, contact us at 

Q- Who is your consultant for accounting and auditing matters ?

We work with AAG ( Auditors and accountants in the Gulf ) for accounting and auditing matters. AAG is an association of chartered accountants and auditors in the Gulf region. It's members are very distinguished and seasoned professionals. They also help charities and young professionals in the region.

We will update this page whenever new questions comes-up from you guys. Please send it to

Q-What types of training and certification ERPGulf offers ?

We offer training sessions across the Gulf cities. We have conducted many sessions already in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jiddah, Dammam, Doha, Kuwait and Muscat. During Covid, we are conducting more sessions online. To join our online or classroom sessions, please send email to

Regarding Certification, we are offering ECA ( ERPGulf Certified Accountant ) for the trainees. You can attend the training and exam on . Training materials are also available there. If the certified professionals seeking job in the Gulf region, will publish and share their CVs to our clients.

Q- Where do you host ERPGulf ?

We are very transparent about our hosting locations.

For Bahrain clients, we host in Manama data center

For Saudi clients, we host in Jeddah data center

For UAE clients, we host in Dubai datacenter

For Kuwait clients, we host in Jeddah or Bahrain datacenters

For Oman clients, we host in Dubai data center.

For Qatar clients, we host in Manama/Jeddah now, but will move all data to Doha data center very soon.

Q- Do you have special offers for charities ?

We offer free subscription for charities in the Gulf, specially the charities working on Covid-19 relief, cancer and palliative services. Contact us on for more details

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